Automate your relationship building
with the Growth Connector.

When you need to grow your business fast, you can’t waste a minute with cold calls and outdated contact lists. Our Growth Connector program delivers predictable results – resulting in 1,000 targeted contacts after 6 months.

In 4 steps to
trusted relationships.

step 1

You define your ideal
target persona.

Use our guidebook on how to create and use personas to specify the kind of person you are looking for.

Go after specific job titles, academic degrees, or base your search on their areas of interest, seniority level, or industry.

step 2

We identify matching contacts,
connect & engage.

Acting directly from your Linkedin profile, we will send personalized connection requests and initiate a conversation with the people that match your target profile. A weekly report keeps you up to date with open rates, click-through rates, and positive response rates.

Our guidebook on personal branding teaches you how to make the most of your Linkedin profile and maximize conversion rates.

step 3

We set up a nurturing campaign
featuring your content.

Our individualized e-mail campaign is designed to engage your new contacts and nurture your relationship outside of Linkedin. Responses are forwarded to your inbox so you can engage with hot leads directly.

Leveraging your own content, we position you and your company as an expert in your industry – resulting in conversion rates twice as high as the average.

step 4

We schedule appointments
and you close the deal.

We invite your new contacts to book an appointment with you, resulting in a constant stream of leads that are looking to buy, invest, or collaborate with you. All you need to do is to close the deal.

On average, our clients convert 10% of their new contacts to leads.

The 6-month program
in detail.

Save time and money by outsourcing your lead generation process. Our unique 6-month program connects you with strong clients, partners, and investors who are worth your time.

week 1 – 2
Setting up your program

– set up your account
– provide you with a login
– connect your Linkedin profile
– send you the persona workbook

– familiarize yourself with the process
– provide your Linkedin credentials online
– read the persona workbook
– work through the persona workbook
– fill out the persona template we provide

week 3 – 4
Upgrading your personal profile

– call you to dive deeper into your goals, profile, and next steps
– clarify login issues on Linkedin
– send you the personal branding work book

– read the personal branding workbook
– select your connection request message online
– check your Linkedin profile as described in the workbook

week 5 – 16
Finding the right contacts

– source contacts from our network that match your criteria
– send connection requests and thank you-messages

– read through the text templates
– answer the replies on Linkedin (if you need assistance, please let us know)

week 17
Setting up the communications funnel

– set up our CRM system for your mailing campaign
– provide a selection of articles for your content

– choose one of the articles we provide in our template library

week 18 – 23
Sending out the email campaign

– send out two articles from us which you choose under your name
– send out an invitation to schedule a meeting with you

– set up your calendar tool of choice
– provide us content which you think would bring value to your new community
– answer the replies you get via email
– make appointments with your new leads and close the deal

Are you ready to
accelerate your sales?