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On average, leaders invest US$ 19,000 for just one new relationship. The Growth Connector was created to minimize your investment in money and time.

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  • support your sales and business development team.
  • build meaningful long-term relationships with clients and partners.
  • generate more predictable revenue.
  • create more outreach and awareness for your business.
  • position you and your company as experts in your industry.
  • save time and money with a trusted partner.

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Drs. Loes Fokker, CEO of
Legacy Mentors.

industryFamily Office Consulting
locationAmsterdam, Netherlands

our challenge.

Two years after I started my new venture Legacy Mentors, we were ready to take on more clients. Business was good at that time; our existing client base loved our services, and most of our new clients came over referrals. So we thought we’d take it to the next level and start scaling.
However, we soon came to learn that it is significantly harder than expected to identify, engage, and convert new contacts quickly without scaring them away by being too pushy. This was a challenge, and it needed to be solved fast, as it was hindering our journey to predictable organizational growth.

the solution.

I started the Growth Connector program because it promised everything I was looking for: introductions to highly qualified people, building long-term relationships, and also arranging the first appointment. Which, in my case, would save me a headhunter or HR consultancy.

Within 48 hours, I was introduced to 4 people who fit the profile, all of them being absolute A players. The Growth Connector team even arranged a video meeting with every single one of them. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow. There’s no way they can keep up this level.” – Or could they?

the result.

Within the next 6 weeks, I scheduled 100 calls with potential clients. Eventually, we had to stop the program because it became too much for our team to handle. From the 100 calls, we converted 5 new clients – something that used to take us several months.

I recommend the Growth Connector program because of its simplicity and the results it delivers. Their team supported me all the way through not only an extremely emotional transition, but also a risk-taking process, to a place where I now enjoy a real passion for doing business.


new contacts


calls in 6 weeks


new clients

Mo Moubarak, Co-Founder of

industryHuman Resources
locationBerlin, Germany

our challenge.

As Head of Business Development, I am used to spending enormous amounts of time, energy, and resources in building relationships. It is a constant battle to find partners, cement relationships, and move forward.

As we set our eyes on expanding to Asia and the Middle East, this became a challenge. We lacked the necessary partners and time was running. Although we had built a reputation through our thought leadership approach, strong execution, and even secured funding from great investors, we still weren’t as far ahead of the curve as we believed. Increasingly more people started disrupting the HR market, so we needed to speed up, become more visible, and get strong partners on board fast – before someone else reaped the rewards.

the solution.

As predicted, serious competitors began taking the market by storm. So when a close friend of mine recommended the Growth Connector program, I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass.

Growth Connector presented themselves as an expertly engineered platform designed to build long-term relationships. They set your wheels straight, and see you off down the success highway, speedily, but safe. Those were my expectations when I started the program – and I wasn’t let down.

the result.

The speed at which I was being introduced to top level professionals was incredible. Over 1,000 top tier contacts, and after a mere three months, I had already cemented 50 new relationships that would eventually have an impact on my business.

What I believe would have taken me five years or more to achieve, happened within six months. We have found a strategic partner for our expansion, and it came with a priceless saving in energy, money, stress, and time.


new contacts




strategic partner